The staff treats me like their family, and it feels like my family. We care about each other and take care of each other. We go to music class, to the recreation center, to festivals, to movies and go on hikes. I get to do what is important to me, not just what somebody plans. I feel like an adult. 

- Cory, SLP Resident

I have a great place to live with friends, I’m going to all of my appointments, and I'm feeling better.  The staff is very nice and they spend lots of time with me. I’m making friends. 

- Michael, SLP Resident

To have the opportunity to grow, laugh, and live in confidence of my tomorrows is beyond expressing in words. The growth and re-shaping of my true self speaks volumes. I am accepted for who I am and encouraged to develop my talents and skills, everyday. 

- Lisa, SLP Resident

My friend Cory and I are lucky to live together at SLP Colorado. We’ve known each other since our injuries and we are best friends. Now, we go to the movies, bowling, to comedy shows, eat out and go places together. It’s our new home.

- Matt, SLP Resident