Community Based Residential Living

SLP Colorado offers a community based residential setting. SLP Colorado residents benefit from:

  • 24-hour Protective Oversight

  • Individual Supportive Living Plan

  • Medication Administration and Healthcare Management

  • Community Integration; Group and Individualized Activities

  • Private bedroom and bathroom or a shared bathroom with one other resident

Person-Centered Planning

We offer a Person Centered Approach to Individual Care Planning ensures that the resident is actively engaged in guiding his or her Individual Supportive Living Plan.

We provide residential community based placement for a maximum of 8 individuals, providing 24-hour protective oversight. TBI trained Supportive Living Specialists, Care Managers and other professionals provide a 1 to 4 staff ratio.  Medical professionals, such as Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Nursing, PT, OT, etc., shall be part of the resident’s care plan, as needed.


Person-centeredness is about intentionally being with people, including formal and informal planning that puts into practice:

  • A commitment to know and seek to understand

  • A conscious resolve to be of genuine service

  • An openness to being guided by the person

  • A willingness to achieve difficult goals

  • Flexibility, creativity, and openness to try what might not seem possible

  • A willingness to enhance the humanity and dignity of the person

  • To look for the good in people and help to bring it out in them

Independent Living Skills Coaching and Training

ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living)

  • Personal hygiene and grooming

  • Dressing

  • Movement and Mobility

  • Continence-related tasks including self-management and hygiene

  • Cooking and Meal Planning


IADL’s (Independent Activities of Daily Living)

These tasks include cooking, cleaning, finances, shopping, healthcare and medication management, using telephones and technology, transportation, and caring for other individuals and pets.

Supportive Living Staff

Staff shall provide support and training with the following:

  • Meal planning and preparation

  • FBA’s: Functional behavioral activities, including cognitive, Interpersonal and psycho/social skill/habilitation and development

  • Behavioral Support Coaching and Education

  • Transportation between therapeutic and non therapeutic activities in the community

  • Proactive Medical Care and Health Maintenance

  • Medication Management/Qualified Medication Administration Personnel

  • Community Integration

  • Recreation and Leisure activities

  • Money Management

  • Vocational and/or Volunteer activities

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